Technology Proven and Tested Mobile App Monetization Models

Proven and Tested Mobile App Monetization Models

It’s vital for your success, to determine the correct monetization plan for your application. And it’s more crucial to select the perfect monetization plan suitable for your app. As this will have a favorable effect on your revenue product, overall growth, and user adaptability. In this article, I’ll explore some proven and tested monetization models you can take advantage of for both iOS and Android.


In-application advertising

It’s one of the model type of Mobile App Monetization on OfferDaddy.In this model, you’ll be offering mobile users with free download and purchase of your app. The main aim being, to obtain your target’s market information while at the same time your user base will be developing hugely. The advantage of opting for an in-app advertising model is that you’ll obtain twenty to sixty percent of user engagement if you’ll be using targeted or native advertising.



A video can be categorized as an award type, wherein a user may get an in-app repayment for viewing the video or non-award diversity where the video is put somewhere without influencing his experience. It’s an ideal replica for the soon to be effected Mobile App Monetization on OfferDaddy.

Surveys walls

In this model, only a particular quantity of content may be watched by the user. After which the user can select to finalize an offer, or a survey offered to view additional material. This model is perfect for content-driven applications such as music, news, video, etc. It has a broad range of offers to accompaniment with it.


Fusion of different models

A developer may also take advantage of executing different monetization strategy suitable for your application’s functionality. For example, he may incorporate an in-app advertisement on your free app. You’ll have the alternative of getting away with this after upgrading to the premium version. You’ll only need to ensure this modification will not impede with your user experience.



The execution of mobile application monetization plan is something that needs be cautiously prepared. The model of your choice must be suitable for your app to enable you and your users both benefit. And with the above Mobile App Monetization on OfferDaddy models, you’ll be able to achieve this.