For those who’re looking to improve your ranking online, you should buy PBN links. They have been proved to help websites especially those with stiff competition to have an upper hand. Google penalizes websites with low-quality PBNS so it’s highly advisable you invest in high-quality ones.


There are two main types of domains you can choose from; expired and expiring domain. The expired domain is one that is already offline and is available for purchase to anyone who can pay for registration costs. The expiring domain, on the other hand, is one that was expiring by the person who had paid for the registration fees held on to it in order to sell / auction. It is up to you to choose among the two types of domains and decide which among them works best for you.


When you want to find a domain, you can decide to engage a broker which is the easiest method employed when looking for a domain. You can also decide on scrapping, auctioning and back ordering. It is recommended you go through all of them to examine the pros and cons on each to decide which you should go for. Now we are going to look at each of these ways of binding domains.




Scrapping refers to a method of applying designated tools or bots to go through old domains and going through old pages to find out domains which have expired or expiring. After finding a domain, you pay the registration fees. There is also an option to buy already scrapped domains from dealers. I would recommend buying domains from brokers because they have access to powerful and fast tools. Scrapping is a very tedious process because you have to go through each domain. It, therefore, requires a person who is very patient.


You can easily scrap by going to Google and choosing search tools then search for old periods of time. Choose a particular category e.g. fitness, health etc. There are many tools available for use some are free while some you have to pay for.


Finding a broker


There are many brokers available in the market. It’s therefore important you tread with care whenever you’re thinking of purchasing a domain. You may end up being duped or conned. There are many brokers you can utilize. Go online and search or ask around. Tread with care.


Using auction websites


This is an old method that was used before scrapping was in existence. The domains are auctioned because the owners were not able/ made a decision not to pay. You are more likely to find high-quality PBNs here than when you’re utilizing scrapping. However, using auctioning may end up costing a bit more. There are reputable auction websites. Look for them online or through referrals. One that was so common a while back is GoDaddy Auctions.


Back ordering


This method presents the best odds at finding a high-quality domain. This one works by paying a fee to a company and they grab the domain for you as soon as the owner doesn’t pay the registration fees. What’s more with back dropping is that the company helps you to try to register the domain a couple of times. There is no limit to how many companies you can pay for. Go right ahead and find yourself a back ordering company.


Buying a PBN is a good method to improve your Google rankings. For those who have businesses online, go right ahead and utilize one or more of the methods of acquiring PBNS we have discussed above to if you want to increase your chances of being discovered online.