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Bathroom Tile Ideas for Tile Bathroom Floor

tile-bathroom-floorBathroom is one of the least paid attentions of your home and people often neglect it while designing or renovating their home. Even though bathroom is less visited area of home, you need to pay equal attention to it while designing it to complement the interior of your home. Imagine of a bathroom that has simple and dull design and on the other hand your bedroom that features sophisticated and classy design. This will certainly bring down the overall look of your home.

With the development in technology, it is now easy to find the various options to design the bathroom. Before you consider designing the bathroom, you must keep various factors in mind that will affect its designing.  This includes space, budget, and the type of furniture, lighting, and more. However, one of the most important elements that can affect the look of the bathroom is the floor tiles. There are variety of floor tiling options available that can simply enhance the look of the bathrooms.

tile-bathroom-floorLet us look at some of the tile bathroom floor ideas:

Vintage styled bathroom Floor

A soft and subtle tile bathroom floor design can make your bathroom look classy and sophisticated as well. It will quickly draw the attention of the visitor and also make them feel good. Besides, there are various designs available for vintage styled bathrooms.

Wooden flooring

This is another option that you can prefer to give your bathroom that classy and modern look. It will simply make your bathroom look spacious. Moreover, this type of bathrooms flooring can be used to differentiate between the two areas.

Radiant Heat generating flooring tiles

Stay warm even after a shower with the tiles that generate heat. It simply helps in keeping the floor warm, preventing your feet from getting freeze especially in winters. You get tons of options in this type of flooring as well.

Mosaic Tile

This is one of the most common types of bathroom floor tiles. You can use a combination of colors to customize the tile and to match your interiors. This will further enhance the look of the bathroom while keeping it simple and modern.

Granite Floor tile

This is one of the most common types of floor tiles that can enhance the look of the bathroom. Moreover, this type of flooring is easily available in the market. Another great advantage of this floor tile is that it is easy to maintain and clean. Besides, it also proves to be cost effective.

Natural Toned Flooring

To give that nature look to the bathroom, you can go with tiles that are of earth colors. plus, the stone designed tiles or rock designed tiles can make the bathroom attractive and elegant as well. It simply offers a unique look to your bathrooms and also complements well with any wall color.

These are few tile bathroom floor designs that you can consider while planning to renovate your bathroom and make it look classy.There are many more things which you should know about bathroom floor tiles. Take help of internet and broaden your knowledge on tile bathroom floor.

Make Waves At Your Next Freestyle Rap Battle

Freestyle RappingFreestyle Rap Battling has become a pretty popular sport these days. There are a ton of rap battle leagues online and in the real world. From King of the Dot to Smack DVD to other local battles in your hometown. And if you’re even just a slight rap fan you’ve probably tried to freestyle rap in your life before. But if you’re just starting out it can come out funny, awkward and straight up garbage style.

But you shouldn’t worry or fret because you can get better at freestyle rapping just by doing a few simple things. The first thing that you want to do is practice your flow and wordplay. Read a dictionary or rhyming dictionary to up your  skill level. The more tools you have in your toolbox the better your on-the-spot freestyle raps will be. And everyday you should just freestyle rap to yourself.

If you want to battle you have to be really clever and make sure that you’re able to insult people and crack jokes and be very witty with your freestyle rap rhymes. That’s why sometimes it’s a good idea to freestyle towards someone. But if you’re practicing at home that can be tough. So what you should do is pick a celebrity or one of your friends and pretend you’re battling them. Try to come up with jokes and insults on the spot. That way you will train yourself to think quickly about your opponent.

But what if you don’t want to battle and you just want to become a better freestyle rapper? That’s ok you can follow these tips in that instance too. You basically just do the same freestyle rap practice techniques we outlined in this post and that will just teach you how to think like a freestyle rapper. Once you know those techniques you can apply them to any kind of rapping. Even if you want to write rap songs you’ll be able to use these techniques to help out with you hip hop songwriting.